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Evento de prueba en Armenia

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Este es un evento de prueba

Este es un evento de prueba

Interlinking tools are at a key technology for the Web of Linked Data, and interlinked datasets as DBPedia get a central role in that new information space. Publishing data in RDF is makes it machine-readeble but, as in the Web, the value is in the links. Interlinking tools help in discovering links among datasets. A recent paper by Enayat Rajabi and colleagues from the MediaLab appearing in the Journal of Information Science reports on the empirical evaluation of Limes and Silk, providing some quantitative insights on their usefulness, but also some human assessment. Interlinking tools are not magical tools, but are critical in bootstrapping any Linked Data effort. While they cannot go beyond the descriptions in RDF and understand the context of the datasets, they provide candidate matches and metrics of quality of the links so that dataset curators can do informed decisions in enriching their datasets with links.

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